Luz/Oscuridad (Light/Darkness)

Artist’s Statement by Tom Vega

In my past work as a psychotherapist, I observed that each of us has a duality. Each person is dominated by their own light and darkness. Shadows contain the complement of the subject, though they are unperceived in the painting and in the individual. In therapy, I worked to help the patient balance his/her personal duality.

My investigation of the human psyche continues in my painting—specifically my own psyche. As a painter, I strive to balance my extremes as they manifest in the painting. Though my paintings are non-representational, I paint them according to the rules of nature and of classical representation. Within the painting, I search for balance in the hues and the tones, as well as spatial balance. Colors and combinations of colors evoke a range of emotions. As psychological triggers, colors can be used therapeutically to balance the dualities of the viewer.

These abstract works are expressions of light and shadow, joy and sorrow, luminosity and opacity, delicacy and assertion. Viewers can safely experience the dualities of living in experiencing the painting.

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